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Carrolyn Salazar

Ivory Room is truly a dream that has blossomed into real life. It's a dynamic blend of all that I am passionate about and love... Helping others feel good about themselves, sourcing and styling unique merchandise, cultivating an atmosphere for people to capture special memories and moments, supporting clients with their vision or helping them catch one...all glamorously wrapped up in a little bridal shop that has became known as "Ivory Room".

I wanted to create a space where customers could indulge for a brief moment, leaving all the chaos of wedding planning, work, or the fast pace of life at the door and just retreat into a visual stimulation of luxurious textures, ethereal fragrance, and a bit of fun. My goal was to take this venture "outside the box" for a different shopping experience, so my hope is that while you shop

you'll swoon at Ivory Room.

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