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We pride ourselves on constantly & meticulously curating a unique collection of gowns that provide something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a specific designer gown, custom one-of-a-kind, or couture masterpiece, our stylists will devote 90 minutes to your appointment to ensure you are swooning over your entire ensemble.  Bridal dresses range from $750-$3000.

Please refer to our APPOINTMENT FAQs before your appointment.

No spraytans or frangrance if trying on gowns at appointment.  (Minimal makeup is allowed)


*We will charge a $40 cancellation fee for no-shows or cancellations within 24 hours. 

Our stylists will devote 90 minutes to assist you in finding THE perfect gown for your wedding day during "The OriGinal Appt." You and up to 6 guests will relax in a private setting and indulge in dresses, jewels, and more as we close the doors to the public for your appointment.  Appointment fee will be credited to your dress if you purchase same day.
Our highly anticipated, appointment HAS ARRIVED. Give it up for the brides who love to brunch. We have partnered with The Leaf Restaurant (a local gem) to bring you a custom appointment like no other. Our stylists will devote 90 minutes to help you find your dream dress in a private setting as we close the doors to the public. You will receive an exclusive Ivory Room goody bag, signature mocktails during appointment, unlimited access to our gown gallery, and a custom floral arrangement courtesy of Wooster Floral. After your 90 minute appointment is finished, a fabulous brunch charcuterie board & bottle of champagne for you and up to 3 guests will be served at The Leaf Restaurant (2 blocks down from Ivory Room). We guarantee this appointment will elevate your dress shopping experience to a day full of amazing memories that celebrate you and your engagement!


If you're looking to level up your appointment to a luxe event, then this is for you! We close down the shop for a 2 hour private styling session, up to 6 guests, mini bites & mocktails, cookies by "Cookie Snob", customized music playlist, IG story take over and so much more. To top it off the bride will receive a complimentary glow up swag bag consisting of Bridal earrings, candle, lip gloss, and more!
Channeling your inner "morning group huddle at work"... only with donuts, mimosas, jewels, and dresses! Dedicated for morning appointments, our stylists will assist you in a private 90 minute session so you and up to 6 guests can shop for the perfect dress at your leisure. The store will be closed to the public and mimosas (virgin), "Lerches Donuts" (seasonal selection or those of the like), and coffee will be provided. 
Who doesn't love a good afternoon tea? But bridal gown shopping AND afternoon tea?! We hear you.  Cookies by Cookie Snob, assortment of teas, and coffee are provided in a private setting for you and up to 6 guests. This is a 90 minute appointment and typically reserved for... you guessed it, the afternoon.
If you've already purchased your gown and would like to complete your look, our stylists will devote 20-60 minutes in a private setting to assist you in finalizing you ensemble. We have an exquisite collection of gorgeous, unique, and one-of-a-kind accessories. 
If there's a dress that's been tuggin' on your heart strings -or- you want to view recent additions to our collection, Take Two! is for you. Our stylists will devote 45 minutes to help you find the perfect gown in a private setting. Appointment fee will be credited to your dress if you purchase same day.
This 45 minute appointment is dedicated to all the ladies out there who just needed to take a beat to make up her mind. If you've booked your first & second appointment with us we're confident the third time will be a charm! We will revisit your favs along with anything new you wish to review. This appointment incurs a $50 charge upon booking. Should you "say yes to the dress" during this visit, we will apply the $50 charge towards the purchase of your gown.
Once your dress has arrived, we will contact you to make an appointment for pick up. We allot up to 30 minutes for this appointment so you can try on your gown and style if you wish with our extensive collection of veils, accents, gloves, accessories, etc. to complete your wedding day ensemble.
Step into a world of wedding wonder as you embark on a bridal appointment where your dress dreams take shape. Explore, imagine, and adore a curated collection of exquisite gowns in our serene and elegant space. It's a chance for you to look and try on up to three gowns. This appointment will incur an $20 fee and if you say YES to the Dress same day the Appointment fee will be credited to your dress.
Pure white ball gowns, long white gloves...need we say more? Ivory Room caters to the debutante of today with an extensive selection of gowns and accessories that pay homage to the classic and time-honored tradition of the debutante ball. Our stylists will show you the latest and the greatest in this 1 hour appointment that accommodates you and two additional guests in a private setting. 


One of our stylists will contact you prior to your 60-90 minute virtual appointment to discuss your style, vision, and price range. From there we will curate a selection of gowns to present in detail virtually. We allot additional flow time in this appointment for flexibility in case you desire to see extra dresses as we narrow down your desired look. Fit models will be on hand to showcase gowns.


Here at Ivory room we strive to help find your perfect gown, but also to create a moment...a memory...that lasts a lifetime. We pay close attention to the needs of each customer during their appointment while cultivating an environment conducive to enjoyment, satisfaction, and happiness. We recommend a strapless bra and nude/natural colored undergarments to get the most accurate look of your wedding day while trying on gowns. Our stylists will be on hand to assist you and your guests with any and every need you have.


Upon booking your virtual appointment, you will fill out a  questionnaire to give our stylists an idea of what you're looking for. A full scope collection will be curated with your specified criteria for your virtual appointment. 

If you're still looking for the right dress and would like to come back for a second visit or would like to simply try on your dress again for planning purposes, our stylists will devote 30-90 minutes at your request.

do i need to pay in full for gown?
All bridal gowns are to be paid in full on day of purchase. Method of payment is cash or credit card only. (NO CHECKS)
what is the try on process?

We are thrilled to be a part of your journey towards finding the perfect wedding gown! Our dedicated bridal stylists are here to assist you every step of the way. To ensure your comfort and privacy, we kindly request your consent for our stylist to be present in the dressing room during your gown fitting sessions.

Please read the form here. We will have you sign should you agree on the day of your appointment.


There is a minimal fee for varying appointments. Costs are reflected in appt. descriptions and specify that fees will be credited to the purchase of your dress if purchased same day. (This does not include specialty appointment charges. ie: Afternoon Tea/ VIP/ Donuts...)  In the event of a
no show or cancellation within 24 hours of your appointment, that of which will incur a $40 charge.
am i allowed to wear makeup?
We kindly ask that you refrain from wearing heavy makeup/foundation or fragrance to your appointment if you are trying on bridal gowns. Spray tans are not allowed unless it has been 48 hrs. since your spray. Anything that can harm the dress only puts a damper on other brides, in addition to damaging the merchandise that can often times be irreparable. 

We want your experience at  Ivory Room to be full of memorable moments, joy, smiles, and of course the excitement of finding your perfect dress. Up to 6 Guests are welcome to attend your standard bridal appointment. 

We do offer a selection of off the rack gowns that can be purchased and taken home same day. 
Can I return my gown?
All bridal gowns, veils, and headpieces are final sale. We pride ourselves on transparency with every customer so we ask that you review the purchasing agreement prior to your appointment. Rest assured we will also review with you in store during checkout.
Purchase Agreement
We do not provide in house alterations, however we have several outstanding referrals who provide quality work with accuracy and precision. Please call or email us for further info.
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