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purchasing information

The purchase of your wedding gown should ignite excitement and joy, and there's nothing we want more here at Ivory Room than to make sure you are both elated and over the moon about this fabulous moment in life.


Prior to ordering and paying for your gown, we will have you review and sign our Special Order Agreement in order to maintain transparency and clarification regarding your purchase. We've made it available on our website as well so you can address any questions or comments at appointment.

Ivory Room Special Order Agreement:​

Customer acknowledges placement of special order and/or receipt of goods and/or services in the amount of the total shown hereon.  All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. 


I agree with the designer, style, color and size for each item ordered. I understand that custom measurements and/or custom length may not be exact. I understand that dye lots may vary from swatches. I further understand that payments are forfeited in case the event is cancelled, without exception.​I understand that when purchasing a floor sample item, it is sold in 'as is' condition. The cost of any fixing and cleaning will be my responsibility.​I understand that alterations to the merchandise may be necessary and that alterations will incur a separate charge.


I further understand that I will not hold this store liable for any alteration inaccuracies or errors. I understand that should the event be cancelled, I am responsible for providing timely notice to the formal wear store. I will be responsible for full payment of all merchandise ordered and bought out of stock. I understand that all sales are final and are neither returnable nor exchangeable, no exceptions.


I have read and understand all Store Policies and agree to the terms and conditions therein.​I agree to allow my photo to be used in marketing materials for Ivory Room.​


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