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  • Carrolyn Salazar

ivory room to celebrate bridal gallery & lounge expansion

Ivory Room has expanded from their original 1100 sq ft. bridal boutique space to include a bridal lounge and gown gallery. After just a year in business, they’ve quickly become the leader in “specialty appointments” carving out a niche in the bridal industry of central and northeast Ohio. Their focus centers not only on helping brides find the right dress, but creating an environment conducive to joy, laughter, and core memories. In doing so, brides can choose from a menu of appointment options, such as “Afternoon Tea” or their number one booking “Donuts, Dresses, Mimosa’s Oh My.” Ivory Room also offers appointments outside the scope of bridal, such as debutante or those looking to accessorize. After garnering a significant amount of requests from customers to shop their jewelry, accessories, and gift gear, Ivory Room will be hosting their first ever Pop-in Shop May 15th. Serving up popcorn and soda pop, while listening to pop music and shopping, these walk in hours will showcase what Ivory Room does best- offer up unique styles & special moments in an inviting atmosphere. It’s an opportunity for shoppers who aren’t in the market for a wedding gown to still take part in the Ivory Room experience. Pop-in shops will be held the third Wednesday of every month. To kick off the first Pop-in Shop, Ivory Room will be hosting an elevated pop-in shop “Expansion Celebration” Wednesday May 15th, 2024 from 5-7:00p.m. All are welcome. ###



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