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  • Carrolyn Salazar

Keeping the longevity of your dress going for years to come

Your wedding dress, your prized possession, a family heirloom, what you were wearing when history happened. It’s amazing to think back on that day, the memories, the way you felt and the legacy of that moment.

So what do you do with your dress after that big night? Do you put it back in it’s bag, preserve it and tuck it away to walk down memory lane a year later? Do you convert into a short dress, save it for a daughter/niece or turn it into something else?

Here are a few ideas that would keep the dress going for years to come:

- I heard from a friend of a bride who visited the shop that every year on her anniversary she spends the entire day in her wedding dress! She says it makes her feel special and her husband loves it. She sips wine, makes dinner and reminisces about their wedding day. What a way to keep the longevity of that investment going.

- My grandmother turned her wedding dress into a baptismal gown for the great grandchildren and then had little pieces cut out as handkerchiefs to give each grand daughter on her wedding day for their something old and blue. As it has blue embroidery with their wedding date. Mine is displayed in the shop. A real treasure.

- I just read a fun article that a mom had her gown that was a family heirloom into a bridal robe for her daughter for her wedding day. It’s incredible and I love this idea! Just day’s after hearing this amazing idea, a MOB called me and needed suggestions on who could do this very thing. She is having her dress turned into three bridal robes! One for each of her daughters and then one for herself.

- You can have it repurposed as your Christmas Tree Skirt (a family heirloom) or heart doilies for Valentines Day.

Let us know what neat things you have done with your dress to keep the memories of that special day alive. Our dress is a special piece of our history, a sought after memento from one of the most memorable days of our lives. How will you keep this piece relevant for years to come?



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